Work packages 2016-2017

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Group Name 2016/17 2017 Q3/4
Core products Burnt Area and Fire Frequency mapping WPA 1a (Maitec) WPA 1a (Maitec)
Core products FC Landsat and PG (woody) Cover WPA 1b (UQ) WPA 1b (UQ)
Core products MODIS FC & Land Products WPA 1d (CSIRO) WPA 1d (CSIRO)
Core products Production Phenology Product (MODIS/VIIRS) WPA 1e (UTS) WPA 1e (UTS)
Core products Aboveground Biomass (woody) WPA 1f (CSIRO)
Data systems Maintenance of Central Data Delivery System WPA 2a (CSIRO) WPA 2a (CSIRO)
Data systems Improved data discovery and delivery and online tools WPA 2b (CSIRO, UQ) WPA 2b (CSIRO, UQ)
Future proofing Processing workflows on HPC for MODIS WPA 3a (CSIRO) WPA 3a (CSIRO)
Transition to new sensors FC from S2 and recalibration WPA 4a (UQ) WPA 4a (UQ)
Transition to new sensors FC from VIIRS/S3 and recalibration WPA 4b (CSIRO)
Transition to new sensors Phenology from VIIRS/S3 WPA 4c (UTS) WPA 4c (UTS)
Transition to new sensors Fire products from VIIRS/S3 WPA 4d (Maitec) WPA 4d (Maitec)
Transition to new sensors Vegetation moisture from MODIS and S3 WPA 4e (ANU) WPA 4e (ANU)
Airborne QC and processing Airborne Data QC and Processing WPA 5 (UQ, RMIT, ANU, CSIRO)
Airborne QC and processing Based on QC outcomes, process to products for all TERN SuperSites WPA 5b (UQ, RMIT, ANU, CSIRO) WPA 5 (ANU)
Himawari Landcover products from Himawari WPA 6 (Curtin, CSIRO) WPA 6 (Curtin, CSIRO)
Field validation Coordination of field validation campaigns WPA 7 (UQ, UNE, UTAS)
Field validation Aboveground biomass (rangeland and grasslands) WPA 7a (UNE, CSIRO, UQ) WPA 7a (UNE, CSIRO, UQ)
Field validation Validation of GEOSS ecosystems map WPA 7b (UA)
Unmanned airborne systems Coordination of Australian UAS Network WPA 8a (UTas) WPA 8a (UTas)
Unmanned airborne systems Contribution towards required sensors & hardware WPA 8b (UTas) WPA 8b (UTas, UQ, Maitec)
Unmanned airborne systems Proximal Sensing Data Provision derived from CSIRO’s Boorowa and other demonstration sites (NCRIS Plant Phenomics) WPA 8c (UNE)
Field data Field data collation and Metadata WPA 9 (UQ/DSITI, CSIRO, UTas) WPA 9 (UQ/DSITI, UTas)
Mangroves (with TERN Coasts) Delineation of mangrove areas around Australia and mapping changes WPA 10 (UNSW)
Project management Project management, administration and reporting WPB 1 (UQ, UA)
Project management Partnership case studies WPB 2 (UA)
Project management End-user experience and website management WPB 3 (UA)
Project management Outreach to high-value end-users WPB 4 (UA)
Project management Communications and knowledge brokering, and end-user analysis WPB 1 (CSIRO, UA, UNSW, ANU)
Project management Outreach with key international bodies WPB 4b (UNSW) WPB 4b (UNSW, CSIRO)
Project management Identifying new audiences through stakeholder mapping WPB 5 (UA)
Project management Greenbook editing and updates to 2nd edition WPB 6 (RMIT) WPB 6 (RMIT)
Facility management Executive director WPC 1 (CSIRO)
Facility management Executive director, reporting, contracting, financials, TERN Exec WPC 1 (CSIRO)
Facility management Deputy director WPC 1b (UQ) WPC 1b (tbd)
Facility management TERN and NCRIS reporting WPC 2 (CSIRO)
Facility management Sub-contract and task tracking, reporting deliverables and financials WPC 3 (CSIRO)
Facility management Active liaison between CSIRO, AusCover and climate and water science communities WPC 5 (ANU)