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Welcome to the TERN Wetlands and Riparian Zones Data and Monitoring Portal

The TERN Wetlands and Riparian Zones Data and Monitoring Portal builds on the efforts of the TERN Mangrove Portal and similarly aims to collate and collect scientific datasets that can support the characterisation, mapping and monitoring of wetlands and riparian habitats in Australia. A key component is to provide access to relevant national to local remote sensing datasets and also facilitate the collation and collection of ground data that can support the validation of classifications (including change) and retrieval of biophysical variables.

Wetlands and riparian zones are widely distributed throughout Australia and display many different characteristics relating to extent, seasonality, vegetation types and amounts and water quality. This diversity of environments provides a far greater challenge compared to mangroves (also considered as wetlands) and hence initial focus is on providing a base level set of examples and fields that can be populated as the site builds.

If you would like to contribute information or your own data, please see Contacts below for more details.

Wetland Classification

AusDaPSIR - Framework for monitoring aquatic environments

If you are wanting to plan or be involved with future campaigns or projects relating to mangroves, see WRZ - Future Campaigns or Projects or contact TERN (see contacts)



Wetlands and Riparian Zones - data sets and monitoring system Richard Lucas (richard.lucas@unsw.edu.au) Graciela Metternicht (g.metternicht@unsw.edu.au)