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Historical information is critical to understanding past changes in mangrove state and dynamics but often these are not made available until some time after an event (e.g., cyclone) or process (e.g., dieback) has occurred. The development of mobile devices (notebooks but also mobile phones) and field data recording software now facilitates near real time collection of ground data as well as coordination of effort, placement of sample sites and consistency of data recorded. To facilitate near real time collection of field data, TERN has developed a range of mobile applications generated using the Open Data Kit (ODK), with these focusing on land cover (including mangrove) classification and retrieval of environmental variables.

A mobile app for recording land cover classifications according to the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) Land Cover Classification System (LCCS) is available and can downloaded onto an Android or iPhone using the instructions outlined below. All data on the extent of mangroves and other land covers will be provided through this portal.

To access near real time and historical field data for mangroves go to https? or link to QGIS.

Android phone

  • Install ODK Collect Version 1.4.16
  • Download from Google Play
  • From your device's application drawer, choose the Play Store.
  • Search for "ODK" and choose "ODK Collect" from "Open Data Kit".

  • Select that result and click the Install button. Click OK after viewing the security settings.
  • Open the application
  • Go into 'General Settings' by pressing the option button on your phone (on phone try button lower left of home button - main button) and selecting 'General Settings'
  • Select Configure platform settings
  • Under 'URL' connect to the server using this web address:
  • Username: rscDataUser Password: tlsIsCool
  • Select autosend (does automatic upload - optional) OR upload manually.

Before going into the field, select “Get Blank Form” which will show every form that is available. Get the LCCS form (Earth Track ***; select OK).

Then when in field “Fill Blank Form” and go Start GeoPoint. You need to wait for the accuracy to be < 5 m. Note that you have to get a GPS reading before taking the picture. When you get your reading (on Android) select the arrow pointing to a small circle.

Submit your data and TERN will provide a summary of what you have collected.

You can change the version in settings and upload the new xml with new form ID (e.g., Version 2) and then turn downloadable for the old form (so one form at a time).