Field data, Daintree National Park, Queensland

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This data set consists of an excel file of mangrove height/density data.

Abstract or Summary

Field measurements were made on the 5th September 2000 along a 90 m long transect for a section of mangroves located between the beach and main road just north of Cape Tribulation (Queensland). The transect was established to support the interpretation of airborne Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) data acquired during the NASA JPL PACRIM II Mission to Australia.

The transect was 90 metres long and 10 metres wide. The start and end points for the transect were measured using a hand-held GPS. Since tree cover reduced the GPS signal at the start and end points, GPS measurements were taken near the start and end points of the transect using the GPS (where the canopy was more open), then a distance and bearing made to the end points. For trees within the transect area having a Circumference at Breast Height (CBH) greater than 15 cm, their location, CBH and an estimate of height were measured. Only the location was recorded for trees having a CBH below 15 cm (equivalent to a Diameter at Breast Height (DBH) < 5cm). Tree height was periodically measured with a hand-held laser system. Mangrove species was also recorded when known.

Data quality

Data have been collected using the Line Transect method. The location of the base of individual trees is estimated to be within 10 cm of the given values. The circumference at breast height was recorded to the nearest centimeter. Locational accuracy of the start and end points of the transect was based on averaging the coordinates from two hand-held GPS’s (estimated to be within 10 metres of the true position) used in an open location, and then using a tape and compass to the start/end points of the transect (which were 5 metres and 45 metres in length).

Sampling strategy

A single transect was taken to provide a structural and species description for mangroves.

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Spatial and Temporal extents

File names and descriptions

Filename: Field_Measurements_20000905_Daintree_NP.xlsx

Comment: Note that at about 78-88 m along the transect, approximately 100 juveniles were observed.